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Lavender picking over for another year

Our seventh ‘Pick your own Lavender' is over for another year. The time comes around so fast and then it is gone in the blink of an eye.

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The 2017 Lavender Harvest

I cannot believe it is September and I am only just writing this now.

This year we had a very enthusiastic couple volunteer to help us with the lavender harvest. For seven years Stu and I have harvested the lavender ourselves, so it was great to have some help. It was also a perfect opportunity for the couple to learn all about lavender harvesting, distilling and to pick our brains about lavender.

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Pick your own Lavender 2017 - finished for another year

Well, the pick your own lavender is over for 2017, we had an amazing turnout of over 600 people. We had to close on the last Sunday due to heavy overnight and morning rain. We did have some visitors coming to buy already picked lavender and purchase some products. In 2016 we had over 800 people for four days so the visitor count was consistent to last year.

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Lavender & Headaches

Lavender Essential Oil can assist with headaches and has many other uses.

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Check out our new products

Check out the new products in our expectant mothers range...

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