Lavender filled organza bags

When the lavender starts flowering, our first job is to cut the flowers and make bunches to hang and dry in the shed. Once dried, after a couple of weeks in the warmth of the shed, we rub the bunches so all the flowerets fall into a bucket. Some lavender growers use a machine for rubbing but we do this job manually which is very meditative. It’s nice to smell the lavender and feel the oil on our hands from the buds. We rub a lot of bunches in one sitting, then we pop the buds into organza bags.

Hang an organza bag filled with lavender on a door handle, pop a couple in your sock or knickers drawer, linen cupboard or under your pillow at night for a restful sleep, are simple ways to enjoy the benefits of lavender’s alluring scent in your home.

Lavender Floral Water / Linen Spray

Lavender Floral Water and Linen spray is a natural alternative to other room sprays.

The floral water can be sprayed on your bedding for a relaxing bedtime ritual.

You can spritz your carpets and pet areas generously throughout your home knowing you are spraying a natural product into the atmosphere.

The floral water is also a face toner and sunburn soother. Pop a bottle of floral water in the fridge, then in the heat of summer, when you’re all hot and bothered, spray your face and body, it feels so good. Great to cool down and calm down women of a certain age, like me!!

Essential Oil Uses

Lavender Pure Essential Oil is the pride and joy of the lavender grower. We are so delighted to have received FIVE SILVER AWARDS for our lavender oils at the NZLGA Supreme Oil Awards 2020.

The lavender aroma has an instant calming and grounding effect once inhaled. We see this with our customers, they sniff, then this adoring look comes over them and they groan Ahhh!!!.

I use drops of lavender oil on my pillow at night, the last thing I remember at night is the aroma of lavender. When I wake in the morning, the lavender is still billowing on my pillow. It is a calming ritual to sleep and waken with lavender, especially multi award-winning lavender.

Diffusers are an effective way to enjoy the benefits of aromatic essential oils. Lavender reduces stress and anxiety. For a little lift and energy add citrus, maybe orange essential oil to your diffuser with lavender, great for the office when you are working.

Before bed, take a bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil or rub a couple of drops on the soles of your feet to relax you and assist with sleeping.

For a headache, simply inhale or rub on your temples to release tension.

Fantastic for itchy bites, takes the sting away, so it makes a good insect repellent with other ingredients.

We would love to hear how you use lavender, pop a comment in the FB link and tell us your favourite lavender rituals.

Till next time, take care x