Wow how the year has flown by. Stu and I were recently reminiscing about the 1st January 2020, when we got up early to watch the sunrise. We took the dogs and a cuppa and sat while waiting for the start of the day. It was an amazing sunrise and the day held all our dreams in its hands for the coming year. A new year is such a wonderful thing in my opinion. I love how we can wash the previous year away, hold on to our memories but start afresh and plan some sweet experiences for our lives.

Unfortunately, 2020 was not to be a year of dreams coming true and sweet experiences for us, NZ or the World. However, we are very grateful of what we have; jobs, a roof over our head, family and friends and our customers that kept Lavender Abbey ticking along and with that, we thank you. It’s so hard for small businesses to keep afloat at the best of times and we send all NZ businesses our best wishes.

So let’s look forward not back and start planning some dreams and sweet experiences for 2021.

The NZ Lavender Growers Supreme Oil Awards 2020 is coming up at the end of August. With this, we will hear how we got on with the lavender oils we entered this year. The judging nearly didn’t go ahead but it was able to be done a few weekends ago in Kapiti. Wish us luck!

You may have seen our “Lads in the Lavender” 2021 calendar. This was put together by volunteer models who gave us their time to be photographed frolicking in the lavender. All proceeds go towards the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ. If you want to be in the 2022 calendar, please get in touch. This will either be another Lads in the Lavender or Ladies in the Lavender, depending on volunteer’s interest. We need to support our men and women who need a little help. Please donate $20 plus P&P here:

We have attended two markets recently and in September the market season will begin, so you will see us around the Wairarapa, Wellington and other regions, all going to plan up till March 2021. Customers were upbeat and enjoyed being out and spending money which was great.

Our new lavender planting is going slowly but will endeavour to get the first row planted very soon, then we can plan the next rows later in the year. We had other plans this year but they have gone by the wayside for the moment.

Our lambing is over for the season; we now have 17 lambs running around the paddock like little loonies. Our chickens are still not laying which is frustrating but the young ones should start soon.

We have some lovely lavender scarves going on the website shortly for sale. They are designed by a NZ woman and they feel so soft on your skin. They can also be used as a table cloth/runner or other creative options. Stock is limited, so let me know if you want one.

We need to have things to look forward to, I hope you will put your comments on the Facebook post of what you’re looking forward to. Here are some of mine: Spring, I’m enjoying watching the daffodils and poppies spring up in the garden. Planting lavender, really need to get this one row planted and start to see them grow. Blossoms on the fruit trees, my sisters 60th ‘groovy’ party, markets starting, Summer, 2021 and PYO lavender.

Take care out there x