While in Provence, we came across this story of the fairy, Lavender. I had to share it with you:

The fairy ‘Lavender’

A very beautiful fairy, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, called Lavandula, was probably born in the middle of the Montagne de Lure’s wild Lavenders.

Years passed and she wanted to settle down someday. She did not know where to live; she looked at her landscapes book to make her choice.

Suddenly, she stopped on a page, which presented the uncultivated lands of Provence.

Upset by the sadness of the landscape, the fairy began to cry. Her lavender-coloured tears fell on the book page and stained the landscape to blue.

She tried to clean the page and to dry her blue eyes but the opposite happened. Teardrops spread on to the Provencal landscape.

Discouraged, the fairy drew a big blue sky above the ground to hide her mistake.

From that day, Lavender grows cheerfully on the lands of Provence. Young blonde ladies would have in their eyes, a blue lavender spark, especially in front of the beauty of a bluish sky falling on Lavender fields at sunset.