Well, the pick your own lavender is over for 2017, we had an amazing turnout of over 600 people. We had to close on the last Sunday due to heavy overnight and morning rain but we did have some visitors come and buy already picked lavender bunches and purchase some products. The 2016 season we had over 800 people for four days so the visitor count was consistent to last year.

Stu and I get a real thrill to be able to open our lavender field and share it’s beauty with you. The look on peoples faces when they see the lavender en masse is priceless. I’m sure it’s going to be the same for me when we visit Provence, the home of lavender.

The aroma of the lavender invades the paddock and the bees are a buzz, busy working away while people meander through the lavender and pick their own flowers to take home and enjoy.

Some people bought a picnic and spent time in the lavender which is just great, the weather was perfect except the last Sunday. This was the 6th year our field has been open to the public and we really enjoy seeing you all here and hope to see you all again in 2018.

The next job in the lavender is harvest – which is this Sunday 29th January, we will be harvesting the 3 rows of Angustifolia Violet Intrigue. It has a sweet, gusty but soothing aroma . This will be our first harvest of this lavender as it was only planted in November 2015, so we are excited to see how the oil develops, can’t wait!! This will be for sale on the website at a later date.

So I’ll be back later to tell you about our harvest.

Bye for now.