Where have the past few months gone? They have been full of good stuff, bad stuff, shocking stuff and amazing stuff.

Now back to lavender – March was full of interesting things happening at Lavender Abbey and abroad.

I went away to the South Island and spent some quality time with my two sisters – we don’t spend much time together as we live in different areas of New Zealand – but we decided to make a yearly pilgrimage to see each other – we all need to see family and spend time together – have a few wines and just be. Anything can happen as we found out, so see your family and take care of each other. Next year, when we meet up, we said we will all be wearing “harem pants” – just because they look comfy and they are completely out of our comfort zone – I’m not sure whether we’ll leave the house with them on though.

Stuart and I completed some big markets in March, they were hugely successful and it’s great seeing our regular customers and of course new customers too. We get such a buzz when our customers love our products, it makes us feel proud of our business and it is all worthwhile seeing the smile on your face and the amazing feedback we receive.

I just love it that a customer has taken the time to write to us – here is his feedback:

“Just a note to say thank you for introducing me to your lavender & magnesium sleep lotion, it did a lot more than assist with sleep problems, in that it has stopped the night cramp in my legs and feet also greatly reduced the pins and needles in my hands and feet from neuropathic pain. My experience of your product has been so positive and I feel only reflects the care and quality that comes from a love and enthusiasm for your products that is more than just for a commercial venture and can only say thank you again for the improvement in my quality of life. I am happy to recommend your product to others, it works, it smells great and feels good to use.” N Smith

Wow, that’s so sweet!

I’m just back from spending a week in Tasmania attending the Australian Lavender Growers Association conference. What a lovely place Tasmania is, it has very different scenery to other parts of Australia, it’s like its own little country. The conference was great and it was “everything” lavender – passion, people, clothes, food & drinks, awards, harvested fields, products, flowers and they were all lavender lovers – just like you!!

The beaches on the East Coast were long and beautiful, I wasn’t there long enough to have a good look around. Note to self – Stuart and Jan to go back one day for a holiday.

So as April begins, Autumn has arrived, trees will turn an amazing colour of yellow, orange and red, the 200,000+ leaves will fall off the big oak tree and land all over the property – I love that, the lavender will hibernate, the grass will stop growing and we’ll all wrap up in warmer clothes and dream of warmer summer days.

Take care of yourself, so you can also take care of your family and friends.

Sending you all our lavender love x