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Review, review Jayne Lovell has two
First up is oil to pamper and spoil
My next gold star is sleep in a jar
If you feel down or tired & crabby
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Jayne Lovell - 28th of June 2019

When I was looking to replace my lavender oil I googled “best lavender” in NZ . I ordered it and I was not disappointed it is a beautiful lavender similar in quality to Provençal lavender. The lavender is a quality product and worth every cent. 💜
ADRIANE SMITH - 26th of June 2019

A few years back I found this amazing stall at the Martinborough Fair and the smell coming from there was amazing.
Having had sleep issues for many years I decided to try the Lavender and Magnesium sleep lotion. I find this lotion very calming, rub it on the soles of my feet before going to sleep and sometimes into my calf's, especially if I wake in the middle of the night with a cramp!!
I also keep some of the lavender oil on hand too, delicious smell.
I like that Lavender Abbey are a NZ brand and I also like that they are close to my region of Wellington, I like to support local products where I can.
I do an order from the website every couple of months and the stuff always arrives very quickly and with no issues.
Pheebs - 25th of June 2019

Lavender Abbey's 'Hot Flush be Gone' has turned my life around. It is the most fantastic product I have ever used. Roll this onto my wrists and nape of neck, and a flush has gone within 20-30 seconds rather than an intense hot flush lasting minutes - be gone indeed!
Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product
The Lavender and Magnesium sleep lotion is also amazing, rub this into the soles of my feet and my calves and I am asleep in minutes or if I wake in the night, apply this and relax back to sleep instead of lying awake for ages
Last Christmas you also made an amazing hand scrub, would love to see that back again
Cathi Davey - 25th of June 2019

I delight in topping up my supply of Lavender Abbey's face and body moisturiser. It feels like pure goodness on the skin. One pottle of this magical cream tends to last me a couple of months.
Lana - 25th of June 2019

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