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The lavender healing balm has astonishing healing powers. I had a wound which I applied the balm to for 3 days (morning & night) and was amazed the scar had reduced by half. Certainly powerful stuff. I also applied it to a spider bite which was swollen and deep purple. It had almost dissapeared in 4 days. This product is well worth keeping in my first aid kit. Thank you. Am eager to try more of Lavender Abbey products now.
Michele Benge - 09th of February 2021

I bought some of lavender and magnesium sleep lotion yesterday for my son. Last night he went to sleep much faster than normal AND I did not hear him grinding his teeth all night. Thank you so much 🙂
Juliette Anderton - 26th of January 2020

The Lavender hand cream and Magnesium Oil are high quality products and recommend them to anyone. Thank you Jan for your great service and I know where to get my lavender products from now.
Krystle Crimmins - 13th of January 2020

An excellent product for restless legs rubbed on knees and feet with added bonus I slept like a baby. Also tried on facial neuralgia and worked a treat. Thank you, very good! :)
Wendy - 26th of December 2019

I was gifted a jar of Lavender Sleep Lotion from my friends when on holidays in Wellington. I use it for my restless legs at night and to help me sleep.
It is such a fantastic product I am ordering more to be sent to me in Perth Western Australia.
Eddie - 01st of November 2019

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